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Barracuda Networks

Created 250+ page Salesforce User Documentation knowledge base from scratch, including About, How-To, best practice, reference materials, workflow diagrams, release notes, and troubleshooting topics. Also created Customer and Partner community quick start guides

Anvil App Works Customer Success Documentation

Authored in Confluence and published to a Scroll Viewport Knowledge Base add-on, this Help Center focuses on training customers on both Salesforce and the Anvil App Works suite of custom applications, built for John Deere dealerships. The biggest challenge of this project was creating a knowledge base that was generic, because each customer's implementation was highly customized.

Avontus Handset Designer User Documentation Project

Authored in Confluence and published to the client's website, this project entailed a heavy re-write of existing documentation and new topic authoring for Handset Designer, an application built on top of Microsoft Visio, for use by construction professionals. Project challenges included understanding the industry terminology and how the application was meant to be used when there was no legacy docs to refer to and I had no direct access to subject matter experts. In short, I had to figure out all lot on my own.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud Security Docs

I was engaged as a contractor for several weeks with first the Education Data Architecture Docs Team, then with the Commerce Cloud Security team, where I worked on security best practices docs as well as a Salesforce Secure Development Lifecycle (SSDL) white paper. (Unfortunately, I am forbidden from sharing the SSDL paper.)

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