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ToolBank USA, Inc.

As a Salesforce Consultant, this year-long fellowship enabled me to hone my Salesforce skills as well as to contribute to the organization's policies and procedures. Challenges included data model assessment, reorganization, and training. Here are a few samples of content I created for them.

Nonprofit Donations Data Import Solution & Guide

My very first volunteer gig as a Salesforce consultant gave me the opportunity to create a data import solution to enable the organization to import new donations and update/insert new Contacts into their Salesforce CRM from their Network for Good donations portal. After configuring the solution, I created this guide for any users to be able to repeat the process.

Salesforce / Campaign Monitor User Guide

As part of the new Salesforce NPSP implementation that I conducted for this nonprofit, I created this user guide for them to follow when creating and sending out email campaigns to their donor list.

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